earth dragon. 30 mins spit-paint
liketurquoise asked: There's a kind of Edward Hopper sensibility in your work but your warm touch with color makes it entirely yours.

Thank you!



Anonymous asked: Are these portraits from photo references? Live painting sessions? Do you sit in one session for most of these? I'd love to see a video or photos of your process. Thanks for sharing your work! Truly inspiring.

These portraits are painted from live models. The studies are from photo references. Yes one session, I like to finish the painting in one sitting. I’ll see what i can do. You’re welcome and thanks for looking! :)


Anonymous asked: Hey Eric, how many hours do you spend on each painting? And what are the sizes do you work on? Love your work! Keep painting!

Thanks. These portraits vary from 3-6 hours. This last one is 5 hours and 11x14”.

Card Lady,
I messed up the face so I decided to wipe it at the end, looks better this way than fully painted haha.
Yellow Shades
Still Life
wendichen asked: Your oil paintings are wonderful! Great rendering of 3D planes & tonal relationships. How large do you generally work?

Thanks! For these portraits recently, they’re mostly 16”x12”, also 20”x16” sometimes. I also work in 14”x11”, 12”x9” and 10”x8”.