Eric Hu

kwentonza-deactivated20130517 asked: Is feather 2.0 available for purchase?

Feather 2.0 will not be available for purchase, but it will beĀ availableĀ free to use in the theme garden. I’m still finalizing some little things when I find the time. Soon, hopefully.

keessiie-deactivated20130324 asked: hello! i really love the theme of your blog here, but i couldn't find it in the theme garden. wondering if i could possibly use it somehow?

It’s the feather 2.0 I’m working on. Sorry but I haven’t had time to finalize it yet. It will be in the theme garden when I find some time to finish it.

Anonymous asked: Hi Eric, just had a look at your portfolio and I think it's great! Especially the simplicity of the colour and strokes in the grey figure drawings :) Also, I've been using feather for a while and I was just wondering if there's a way to change the position and wording of the ask link? Thanks a lot.

go into custom html, find {AskLabel}. replace that with whatever you want the wording to be. As for position, You take the whole ask link (including the whole {block:AskEnabled} block) and move it where ever you want.

everyone, check before you ask.

Anonymous asked: This is a bit of a silly question, but how do you move the "ask" link, that's automatically placed on your profile?

you have to go into custom html and find the ask link and move it yourself.

rosetung asked: hi, i love this theme. but suddenly now, i notice my description/info and page links are all screwed up- placement is off and my "ask" page name is not being used. it says "ask" again. can you help?

reapply the theme, it should be fixed now.

afterbourbon asked: have you developed this theme for wordpress?


imderanged asked: yeah whenever i click near dashboard it takes me here too :D
But that's okay :)

Oh crap, I figured it out.

Go into customize > theme > enable custom html

go all the way down until you see <a href=”” title=”eric hu”>eric hu</div>

add </a> before </div> so it’ll look like

<a href=”” title=”eric hu”>eric hu</a></div>

I updated the theme, it’ll take a few days for tumblr to get to it. so if you don’t feel like doing that. wait a few days and reapply my theme.

sorry my bad :p

Anonymous asked: Hello, I understand you're very busy but I still wanted to thank you for creating feather. I'm trying to find a way to make tags visible on each post right now, I'm sure I'll work it out eventually. Many thanks!

refer to

sorry that’s all i can do for you :)

aquilvirani asked: I'm another big fan of your feather theme. What font did you use? (With your permission, I'd like to print out some business cards that mirror my banner.)

why do you need my permission to print business cards?? i’m confused

aquilvirani asked: Also: Any (relatively easy) way to get this ask function? I know it's on a separate page.

dashboard > customize > community > check “Let people ask questions”

Anonymous asked: Hi Eric!

Before all, congrats on the Art Show!!

I'm wondering how did you put the "ask" link right under your title


customize > info > add ask link in the description section with html

Anonymous asked: hi there.

for those that aren't as CSS literal as you is there a way to make the landscape shots the same size as the portrait shots? ie. widen the margins lengthwise? also like to input a photo in the description. i know a lot of people ask you this but despite reading your answers I still have no clue how to edit the html and where to/what you're actual talking about. great theme otherwise.


Hey, what do you mean by making landscape and portrait the same size? and to edit the html/css, go to you dashboard, click customize, click theme on top, then click enable custom html.

arosehasnoteeth asked: Hello,

I am currently using your theme "Feather" I love it, I would just like to center the page, is it possible and how? Thank you

go into custom html.

add margin: 0 auto; in body {}

missdumbo-deactivated20130217 asked: hi eric!

like many others, i love the simplicity of your theme.
one question though-- is there any way to single out the text post titles? (as in larger in font size and a different font color)

many many thanks in advance :)

Thank you.

yes with css. style the <h2> tag.

formversusfunction asked: Hi Eric, I love your feather theme and am using it here – – as the foundation for a design blog...I have one question though, is it possible to upload a custom image header? I really appreciate your time and expertise.

It is possible, go into custom html, and add the image with HTML. <img> tag