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Are We All Relying Just a Little Too Much on Facebook?

By Oren Katzeff, September 6, 2011

My wife was featured on The Food Network a few weeks ago.

I say this not to boast or to call out how wonderful she is; rather, I do so to point out what a complete failure I was in telling our friends and family to tune in. My strategy for promotion was very simple: two posts on my Facebook wall on consecutive days announcing the day and time of the airing of the show. Surely all of my friends and family would see the post. And if not, those who did would definitely share it with those who didn’t, right?


Downloadable. Unsustainable, Too.

By Chris Osborn, The New York Times, August 11, 2011

I FINALLY met Amy at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport a couple of Mays ago. I recall walking through the Atlanta airport’s terminal among pictures of nebulae and galaxies, floating along corridors with only a backpack. I called my friend Devin, hyperventilating, feeling downright Neil Armstrong, needing to broadcast this moment to someone.